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Hyre’s Well & Pump Service LLC
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Rock Cave, WV 26234
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12849 Route 20 South Road
Rock Cave, WV 26234
Phone: 304-924-6898
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Fax: 304-924-9265
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Hyre’s Well & Pump Service LLC operates year-round. Our business hours are by appointment and emergency service is available, as well.
Contact us at 304-924-6898 or Toll-Free at 800-924-3360 and leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
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History of Hyre’s Well & Pump
Service LLC

Water well drilling has a history within the Hyre family. Drilling has been a part of the Hyre family’s business for over three decades. Jason Hyre’s father, Philip “Butch” Hyre, started  in the water drilling business in 1981 with his company Hyre’s Water Well Service. Butch now specializes in improving his golf game, as he is now happily retired.
Jason Hyre was employed for many years at Hyre’s Water Well Service under the direction of his father to learn the water well-drilling business before going into business for himself.
In 2000, he purchased the pump installation part of the business from his father and started working on building his own business. Jason installed the water well pumps after his father’s business completed the drilling part of the well.
After discovering the need for water wells in other counties, Jason purchased a drilling rig in 2004 and changed his business name to Hyre’s Well & Pump Service LLC and has been steadily busy working to complete drilling projects for his customers ever since.
In 2023, we are happy to announce that we have our third generation of water well drillers in the Hyre family. Our son Luke Hyre is now a certified journeyman well driller and pump installer. Luke is working under the direction of his father to learn the family business. Luke’s goals are to expand the geothermal drilling part of the business.
Hyre’s Well & Pump Service LLC is committed to your complete satisfaction.
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